Why use Germein Reed as your Conveyancer?

Signing a Contract to buy or sell a property is one of the biggest and most exciting, yet stressful decisions you will make in your life. Here at Germein Reed we pride ourselves on providing an efficient service to ensure that the process is completed as smoothly as possible. Most importantly we are with you every step of the way, including the services of our Lawyers if required.


What searches are involved – why will I need them and who pays?

It is a requirement by law that certain searches be carried out before Real Estate can be sold. These are normally the responsibility of the Vendor to pay for and include:-

 - Section 7 Statement – information on charges , orders and other restrictions on the property

 - Council search – Council information on the buildings, charges/orders on the property

 - copy of documents such as Encumbrances or Easements – details on any Easements/Encumbrances registered on the Title

In some instances where the sale proceeds under a private Contract (as apart from a Contract prepared by a Real Estate Agent), the searches may be shared between the Vendor and the Purchaser.


How do I sell my house if my partner has died?

When an owner of a property dies it is necessary to register their death on the Title.

If the property is held by the owners as Joint Tenants ownership will revert automatically to the surviving tenant.

If the property is held as Tenants in Common, Probate will need to be obtained and the Executor of the Estate will be responsible for selling the property.

In both cases, the sale of the property can proceed whilst we deal with the Title ownership.


When do I need to take out insurance?

The day you sign the Contract.

If something were to happen to the property before settlement it would be your insurance that would need to cover the damage. 


What happens after I sign a Contract?

Once you have signed the Contract and associated forms, we need to start working towards settlement. This means, your Financier and Conveyancer will require a copy of the Contract so documents can be prepared to avoid delays.

The process from signing a Contract to settlement is typically 4 – 6 weeks.