Each lawyer at Germein Reed has a connection to farming that ensures we are well equipped to provide practical advice and solutions in relation to the legal issues that face farmers. 

 Questions that farmers are often challenged by include:

  • How can my Will cater for my young children when I don't know if any of them will end up being farmers?
  • How can my Will provide for my new wife and infant children and yet remain fair to my parents who have given me farming assets?
  • What if I don't own anything because I am working and living on the farm and my parents haven't transferred any farming assets to me? How do I make sure that my wife and children will be taken care of if I were to die?
  • How can I resolve the dispute that I have with my siblings and separate our farming interests so that I can operate independently?
  • Should I lease or share-farm my land and what terms should I include in any agreement?
  • Should I operate as a partnership or a trust?

GR Lawyers help find the most appropriate answers to suit each client's individual circumstances including the preparation of necessary documentation. Call us for more information.

Team members who provide these services:

Doug Reed
Lauren Venning


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