Mortgages & Loan Agreements

Some of the most exciting times in life are when we purchase a home, a business or some other substantial asset. Often, money must be borrowed to finance the purchase.

When the amount sought is also substantial, lenders generally and wisely require security over the loan with legal documentation to ensure that the funds lent will be recouped.

Whether you are a Borrower or a Lender, Germein Reed can prepare the required evidentiary and security documentation to protect the best interests of all parties.

Lending large sums of money is an investment and requesting security over the funds is a wise approach to protecting those funds.

Although Mortgages are financial tools commonly associated with banks and larger finance companies, other types of Lenders also use them. Generally, a Mortgage provides the Lender with the right should a Borrower default on repayments, to start the process of repossessing the nominated property. A Mortgage gives a Lender priority over any other person or entity to whom a defaulting Borrower may owe money to.  

For small loans where security is neither requested nor required, it is still wise to at the very least have a Loan Agreement prepared confirming both the amount of the loan and the repayment terms and conditions.

Loan Agreements are also vital to protect loans made between family members.

Team members who provide these services:

Doug Reed
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