Property & Subdivision

Germein Reed is proud to have had an active role across four decades in the property development that has made the Copper Coast, Mid North and Yorke Peninsula regions of South Australia the vibrant and desirable communities that they are. 

 Our involvement has included:

  • Preparation of legal documents necessary for the subdivision of land and the management of the subdivision process.
  • Preparation of documentation relating to easements, rights of way and encumbrances.
  • Preparation of land management agreements.
  • Management of processes to create freehold land.
  • Conveyancing of subdivided land and other properties.

Another area of our expertise is the resolution of property disputes such as simple ones between neighbours through to complicated disputes evolving from the dissolution of partnerships and business or relationship breakdowns. In these more complex matters, the goal is a resolution providing fair distribution between estranged partners.

Other property related services offered by GR Lawyers include the preparation of commercial leases, farm leases, share-farming agreements and mortgages.

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Team members who provide these services:

Doug Reed
Ros Rawson