Succession Planning

This area of our practice is closely related to the preparation of Wills but encompasses the broader topic of assisting our clients to arrange their affairs in such a manner as is most appropriate in light of their wishes for the future.

Given our vast experience with the preparation of Wills and the administration of deceased estates coupled with our sound commercial knowledge, we are well placed to provide you with proper advice as to how to best arrange your affairs to achieve your aims for the disposition of your assets in the future when you are no longer around to enjoy them. We can advise you as to the best possible way to arrange your financial and business affairs from a number of viewpoints, including that which requires the minimization of stamp duty, income tax and capital gains tax, in an effort to ensure that the benefit that your estate offers to your loved ones is maximized.

There are many vehicles available to us to protect our assets and our wealth for the benefit of future generations and we can advise you and assist you with your examination of the "big picture" and tailor a plan to suit your individual circumstances.

Sometimes the "big picture" can involve the transfer of assets to future generations now, subject to and conditional upon certain protections to ensure that your own financial stability is not jeopardised. We can help by advising you as to how to best protect your own financial stability in these circumstances. We can also assist the future generations to set up an appropriate structure in which to receive the assets being transferred to ensure that they to take a look at their own "big picture" thereby protecting the future generations by "setting things up right" from the outset. And most importantly of all, we can advise you on the appropriate manner in which to transfer the assets to make certain that any taxes attracted to the transaction are minimised.

See us today to ensure that your affairs are appropriately structured to achieve the best financial result for you now and for generations to come and to guarantee the ease of succession of your assets to future generations.

Team members who provide these services:

Doug Reed
Liesl Brown 
Lauren Venning

Succession Planning