Germein Reed has been involved in the preparation of Wills and the administration of Deceased Estates for more than 40 years.

Our experience extends from simple Wills to planning for the distribution of complex Estates involving companies, life interests and both protective and testamentary trusts.

Involving Germein Reed in the preparation of your Will ensures that you receive sound advice about the issues affecting the arrangement of your affairs. We can help you achieve your wishes while keeping your Will and ultimately the administration of your estate as simple and inexpensive as possible.

It is from our involvement in the administration of Deceased Estates that we are able to draw on a wealth of practical experience and knowledge to advise you on effective ways to protect your spouse or other family members through your Will. We can also offer advice on minimising the risk of your Will being contested by a disgruntled beneficiary.

We can provide you with information that is essential to ensuring that your Will remains operative including identifying for you any future events that may affect your Will and therefore the distribution of your estate such as marriage, divorce and domestic partnerships.

Avoid future problems

A small investment now in having your Will professionally prepared and executed by Germein Reed is the key to avoiding future problems with its validity and the administration of your Estate.

Team members who provide these services:

Doug Reed
Sarah Castree
Liesl Brown
Lauren Venning

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